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Workshop with lessons from a very different digital ecosystem

Digital Innovation from China - What we don't know, but should.

How much do you know about Digital China? 

You certainly follow all the digital trends in our hemisphere. But at the same time, you probably do not really know much about what is going on in Digital China. Maybe because you do not do business in China, maybe for political reasons. Or you just think there is not much going on in general.

We want to inspire you to change that - despite all the skepticism - because China's digital trends & innovations are much more relevant than you think.


  • In some areas, Digital China is already way ahead of us, with ubiquitous mobile payments, AI doctors, and robots everywhere.
  • We can find endless inspiration for the design of. business models and products by understanding China’s completely different ecosystem.
  • And if China is becoming a serious competitor, shouldn't we know a lot more about the country, its companies and their strategies?

We always thought China was copying us. But what they were really doing was learning - finding out what works well here and building on that. Why shouldn't we do the same?

That is what the Digital Innovation from China workshop is all about! It does cover topics such as

It does cover topics such as

  • Personal understanding of China: Why is China relevant to me?
  • Digital innovation: Where is China ahead of us today?
  • Strategies & Business Models: How are Chinese brands and startups building their products and businesses?
  • Rethinking e-commerce: Should we move from a search-driven to a discovery-driven approach?
  • Hot Retail Trends: What does true omnichannel retail look like?
  • Branding: Why are Chinese brands not focusing on reach and building real relationships with consumers instead?

All this in an exciting new digital workshop format with very small groups, lots of interaction and interesting participants sharing their very personal experiences. It is not a webinar. We promise...

Seminar format

This seminar is offered exclusively as an online workshop. The goal here is not a webinar with one-way communication, but truly collaborative and interactive work and discussion.


  • Half-day online seminar
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Access to the Tomorrow Academy Community


Björn Ognibeni

Contact person

You have questions about the seminar?
Anja Abicht
+43 699 1997 1600

Key Learnings

What will I get out of this seminar?


Reality Check on Prejudice

Background info on History, Society & Politics


Digital Strategies of Chinese Companies

New ways of thinking and what we can use this for our work here in the West


Best Practices in Digital China

Many cases & examples of digital innovation to learn from


Digital Diversity

Learn from consumers who live in a very different world

Target Group

Who will benefit most from this seminar?

This workshop is for anyone who has had little contact with China so far, but would like to understand what is going on there and what it means for business here.

  • CEO & Co

    Executives who are looking for new opportunities for their company

  • Agencies & consultancies

    Service providers looking for inspiration for their clients

  • Marketing executives

    Wanting to know what the future of digital marketing might look like

  • Innovation departments

    who want to learn what is possible today

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9:00 - 9:30

Welcome & Intro

9:30 - 10:30

I: Why is China relevant for me?

Shenzhen - the new Silicon Valley?
Politics and society as a framework for Digital China
China & the rest of the world in a post-COVID world

10:30 - 12:00

II: Why does the Internet work differently in China?
Not mobile-First, but mobile-only!
Key Players on the Chinese Internet
Business models beyond advertising
E-commerce - rethinking everything we know about selling online

12:00 - 13:30

III: How do Chinese digital companies think?
From AI to New Retail - best practice examples of digital innovation & strategies
How to leverage Chinese ideas in a Western environment
East vs. West - comparative thinking

Breakout session: which Chinese ideas & strategies can I use in my work?

Tomorrow Academy Vortragender

Björn Ognibeni

Trusted Digital Advisor / Practical Visionary, Hamburg


About Björn Ognibeni

Björn Ognibeni has served as a trusted digital advisor to a wide range of consultancies, agencies and brands.

His work focuses on what the digitalization of our world means for the relationship between companies and their customers, and how this influences the design of products and business models. He regularly writes articles on this topic for publications such as FOCUS/DLDaily or Handelsblatt.

Björn Ognibeni teaches digital strategy at the Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA) and is strategic director of the XR-Lab at the University of Münster. There he is part of a team researching how companies and brands can use the Metaverse phenomenon. As co-founder of the online think tank, he helps Western executives understand what they can learn from digital innovation in China.

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